Some instruments improvement and expensions

• Mar 5, 2024 - 08:47


I am glad to join those who use Musescore, I have done almost all my transfers from Notion 6 to Musescore 4.2.
there are some points , which, in my own point of view, can be improved.
The pipe organ will have a nice improvement if we can have the flutes register to pair with the pleno.
and do not forget the pedal ;)
some woodwinds can be as duo as flutes,oboes, clarinets, bassons.
The strings could have the correct write when doing artificial harmonics ( one of the strong point in Notion, is that if you write without knowledge and put correctly the diamond head, it will not sound ...)
A wind machine could be a welcome addition in the orchestral palette.

Your Sincerely

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