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• Mar 5, 2024 - 15:09

I started to use Musescore and was very impressed but when I added an extra stave this bar was extended across the whole page and I can't find out how to change it

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Right click in the bar and in Bar Properties adjust the actual duration to match the nominal duration. There is a grey dash above the right hand end of the bar. That indicates that the actual duration is shorter than the nominal duration. You may similarly see a grey + if the actual duration is longer than the nominal.

For US readers, substitute "measure" for "bar".

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You seem to have fewer systems on that last page than in the previous one and therefore things can take up more space. You may want to do one or more of:
a) reduce the stave space scaling in Format>Page settings so that everything fits on fewer pages.
b) add system breaks to force some measures onto later systems and thereby create more systems to even out the spacing between pages
d) adjust the page size/margins to fit more on a page, or less on a page to force more measures onto that last page.

See for more ideas on how to adjust the layout.

If you want more help on this, I suggest you should start a new thread with an appropriate title to catch the attention of people who can advise on your particular problem and attach a score (.mscz file) that demonstrates the problem. Pictures are nice to look at but provide only a fraction of the information about what is going on that can be found in the score itself.

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