No audio device items are available in I/O

• Mar 6, 2024 - 19:09

Further to my earlier report, regarding no sound where all the sound menu items are greyed out, in Preferences> I/O Port Audio under Devices there is nothing , no sound mapper, headphones, speaker etc - drop down arrow greyed out , Nothing is selectable under Port Audio all greyed out. Resetting to factory settings under 'Help' and 'Resetting all preferences to default' have no effect.


Following on from this, I un and reinstalled MuseScore 3.6.2, but when I opened a score the same problem as above occurred. I copied (filled in from preferences) everything exactly that I have on my desktop to the newly installed 3.6.2 and the problem is still there - blanks in I/O 4 fields in Port Audio

I recently downloaded and installed MuseScore 4.2.1 on Windows 10 but I am unable to connect my MIDI Keyboard to enter the music notes.
When I select “Edit”, “Preferences” and then “I/O”, the “MIDI Input” dropdown menu displays two options - “No device” & “U2MIDI Pro”. When the “U2MIDI Pro” option is selected the “MIDI Input” option display goes BLANK and no option is displayed.
The “MIDI Output” dropdown menu displays two options - “No device” & “U2MIDI Pro” and when the “U2MIDI Pro” option is selected the “MIDI Output” display correctly shows “U2MIDI Pro” – but the “MIDI Input” display remains BLANK.
The “Settings” icon on the Playback toolbar and the “Enable MIDI input” is checked as ticked “yes”.
My MIDI Keyboard remains unrecognized - can you please help?

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