Crashing on main PC but not on laptop

• Mar 7, 2024 - 04:15

I recently built a new PC and installed MuseScore 4 on it. These two scores from the cloud worked before in the past, but now suddenly they crash upon opening on my main PC. They do not crash on my laptop.

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Both scores work fine for me, too. You state that they both work on your laptop. The most likely reasons, therefore, are that you have built your PC wrongly, it has inferior or badly-connected components, the operating system has deficiencies or you have outdated drivers for one or various systems.

And other scores can be opened on your PC? And you are using 4.2.1 on both computers?
Or open my attached files, which I have saved in MuseScore 3.7 Evolution.
The files have been saved with 4.2.1. I have deleted the excerpts there and attached the modified files as well.

If none of these didn't help, open MuseScore without a score and try "Reset to factory settings", but note that this will reset all your custom changes in MuseScore.

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I figured out the issue. Looks like Muse Hub Guitars Vol. 1 was causing the two scores to crash. Apparently, "Electric LP - Heavy" is causing the crash on my PC. It doesn't seem to cause any crashes on my laptop as far as I know.

Thanks a million for your help, though!

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