Allow last used instrument family to remain selected

• Mar 11, 2024 - 04:52

When changing the instruments assigned to each stave in a score, I must change the instrument family before being given a list of the desired instruments (for example, change 'Common' to 'Early'). Even if I do not exit the Staff/Part properties dialog, when I go to the next stave, the family reverts to Common. With 16 staves this is an arduous process!

I reported this behavior over a year ago. It is really an impediment, because when working within one family on one voice, it is extremely likely that I will work within that family for all voices.


In fact, instead of going back and forth between these instrument families and categories (commun, all...), then scrolling down the lists to get to the instrument you want, it's so much quicker and easier to simply type the name of the instrument in the search box (just below Instruments, right-hand column).
For example, if you're looking for a ukulele, just type three letters "uku" and you'll immediately come across it, or a violin, type "vio" and so on. It takes 3 seconds, and it's just a habit to get into. Once you've got the hang of it, you'll forget all about these instrument families/categories and tutti quanti.

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