Better articulation for wind instruments

• Mar 12, 2024 - 20:27

Often times when I am composing a piece and I am trying to make notes separated, not tied, but the same note, such as a half note f and then another half note f, it just sounds like one long f. I thought using Muse Sounds would help but it doesn't. Could one of you guys tell me how to fix it and make them better tongued/articulated? Or do the devs need to fix that?

Case in point is the Trombone 2 line, in which they have harmony to tuba's bass line and tbone 1's melody - the first two notes need to be separated sounding articulation. (I don't want it to be staccato or marcato or anything like that though)

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If the first note is in voice 1 and the following note is voice 2, the voice 2 note will sound quite separate. Do you need more separation than that?

(I assume you don’t want to add a short rest note between the notes.)

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Now that I posted the score it should make more sense. What do you mean by changing the voices? Like putting one note in Tbone 1 and one note in Tbone 2? That's not what I want but if you are talking about something else I don't get it. Sorry, because I'm a beginner to this.

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Click on the rest. Click V (not control-v). It will toggle the visibility. It is greyed out on the screen and will not print on the pdf.

Voices are on the main screen. They are the notes with the numbers next to them.

Technically, it is like a second trombone but sound-wise, it accomplishes something without taking too much time.

So working with recorded sounds can be a challenge. They are certainly not like the real thing as much as we would like. The last two notes also sound like one. I pulled down all the faders to 0, and lowered the reverb on the trombone. I panned the tuba left and the trombone right. I started to get a tiny bit of separation. Then I changed the trombone sound to a3 and there was more separation. Probably not quite the sound you want. I tried changing the trombone quarter note G to a B. I kind of liked that. Then I switched the trombone and tuba and I liked that even better. I also tried making the dotted half note into a half note tied to a quad dotted 8th note.

It seems to me that if this is primarily to be performed by a live group, I would be tempted to leave it a lone.

If this is primarily just for playback, then there are several choices.

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