Playback wildly out of tune

• Mar 15, 2024 - 00:51

I am attempting to write a part for guitar, however when I place a note in the guitar part, it is about a halfstep flat out of tune (I.e. Inserting an E yields a very flat Eb (Perhaps an E 3/4th Flat). This issue makes playback useless

Update: Tested with a different pair of speakers and it sounds fine.... How do I have speakers that are flat? I will never know. but the programs fine


No, your speakers are not 'flat' :-).

Tell us a little more about the type of speaker in question. Is it a USB device, a Bluetooth device or is it connected to the line-out of your computer?
The main problem could be the sampling rate of the output channel in question. This can be different for the various types I have mentioned. Make sure that the sampling rate setting in the sound card is 44.1 kHz for all devices.

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As I understand it, bit rate won't have anything to do with pitch. It deals with sound quality. And not all devices have a 44.1 kHz setting.
It would be interesting to see (hear?) if those speakers are "flat" if used on another system.

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Technically speaking, you are absolutely right! But since similar things are reported again and again, it seems that one part of the playback chain works with e.g. 48kHz and another part with 44.1kHz. It is important that all is running on the same sample rate, either 44.1kHz, 48kHz or 96kHz. Which one is chosen is of secondary importance.

Normally MuseScore and the computer's sound system should agree on a common sampling rate - all other programs do this, e.g. MuS 3. The problem seems to exist since MuS4, because there have already been several questions of a similar kind. E.g. a bluetooth device gets digital data and has its own D/A converter with its own sample rate.

If music is generated at 48kHz and played back at 44.1kHz, then a) the speed is lower and b) the pitch is also lower. It is comparable to a disk record that is played at the wrong speed.

If playback takes place via the built-in sound system and another time via a speaker box connected via Bluethoot, for example, it may well be that the two digital-to-analog converters are set to different sampling rates.

This can lead to the same effect if you change the playback channel why MuseScore is running. If you want to change it, you should at least close MuseScore and restart it.

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