How to draw a box frame around notes?

• Mar 22, 2024 - 10:34

Elaine Gould's 'Behind Bars' describes how to notate alternatives by drawing a box around the groups of notes. How is that done in Musescore, please? See picture.

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Thank you Jojo.
Now this is embarrassing but I can't figure out how to create a box with a transparent background. Googling for instructions in Gimp are as baffling as the many icons all over the canvas and MS Paint results are on how to make the background of a picture transparent and I didn't succeed with that. I can't tell whether it's simple and I'm overcomplicating it or whether I should be using a different application to create such an image.
Any suggestion?

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I also found that I can alternatively use Expression text or Staff text, and spaces for width and newlines for height. I need to choose Appearance, show more, and add a frame. More fiddly.

And I also found that right click and Edit Element, or F2, allows me to use arrow keys or mouse to tighten up the groups and leave more space between each group.

This helps in such aleatoric passages.

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