Sibelius files not playing correctly tempo in Musescore

• Mar 24, 2024 - 21:15

Any way to fix this? I had someone do some arrangements in Sibelius and it the tempo and some spacing is off:

Any ways to fix this? Certain versions of Sibelius that have to be used for proper conversion? I tried using the pdf conversion to musescore file.

This song is too slow and spacing for some parts is off

While this score uploaded same way is too fast:


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V5 The Boxer.pdf 138.4 KB
V3 Send me an angel.pdf 119.58 KB


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Thanks actually the XML file although it said it was corrupted seemed to work fine. However when I tried to upload to share publicly only one file showed up the other says it will show up automatically but it's been an hour and still does not show up. Any ideas on that?

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