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Two parts to this:

1) When you put a trill line above a note can you please have a way of it actually playing the trill

2) Can you please have flat, sharp and natural trills



a few months ago I asked for something similar to this. The answer I got was to drag an accidental from the symbols pallet (press Z). As far as playing ornaments goes, what I have done is to write the ornament out and make all the notes that aren't written right invisible, then drag note heads from the symbols pallet again to make it look better. A lot of trouble I know. It would be great to have a way to select a group of notes and then some sort of option to [playback as...] which would bring up a box with a staff of the right length where you could write out how you wanted that note played. Since ornaments are so variable, I don't think software can reliably play them correctly without some input.

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The answer I got was to drag an accidental from the symbols pallet (press Z)

Unfortunately, this is rather an unsatisfactory workaround than a solution. For one thing, this changes the appearance but not the semantics (transposing a staff with ornaments should adjust their accidentals too, mission impossible with the present workaround). For another thing, flats, naturals and sharps from the symbol palette can't be set to small size, required for ornaments. Finally, at least one but important ornament (the trill line) lacks space between the trill and the waved line to place an accidental properly.

The first band-aid would be an entry in the context menu for accidentals to set them to small size.

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Thank you for reminding me about this option. This is a viable workaround for now.

Although there is not room to add a accidental to the trill with the wiggly line you can use the trill without the wiggly line.

Sure, if there were a wiggly line without the trill in the Lines palette...

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