terrible musescore 4 optimization

• Mar 29, 2024 - 12:24

Hello guys, recently, musescore 4 has started to lagg/freeze. When playing sound, there is often some kind of noise (like friction) When I start dragging the program window, the window starts to freeze terribly. In the task manager, for some reason, it loads the processor and the video card by 4-7%. I don't know what to do, please help me.

*Have you freezes when dragging musescore's window?
My PC:
16GB ddr5


If this didn't happen before but does now, it seems like something has happened to your PC that upsets Musescore, e.g. other software interfering, driver update. Who knows?

Have you tried rebooting your PC. Turning it off and on again really works sometimes!

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OK. I'm still on Win 10. Perhaps there is a Win 11 update that has given PC/Musescore indigestion. But I haven't seen similar reports here recently.

Anything else unusual about your system - multiple monitors? external audio devices?

Does this happen with all scores or just one/a few?

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