Missing rests?

• Mar 29, 2024 - 14:38

Hi, I don't know if I'm missing something, but I'm preparing a lead sheet for a song where the vocal starts on beat 4 of bar 4. However, when I notate it, I get a bar with a single beat in it and I can't seem to add the missing rests; I feel I must be missing something here!

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I think I've found the problem; I added some measures at the front - and the score starts on beat 4, so adding 4 measures to the front does exactly that - I end up with a one beat bar. To fix that, I have to select the measure, then go to measure properties and change it's actual length to 4 beats. That makes the bar 4 beats long, however it puts the note at the front - so I have to do so awkward cut/paste to put it in the right place. I've attached the score with the single beat bar in it. I'd love to know a better way to insert the missing rests!

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Not much better, but a different way (at least it works in MuS 3):
Go into insert mode and right-click the note three times. Three quarter rests will be inserted. You can use "Tools -> Regroup Rhythms" to get a half plus a quarter rest instead of three quarter rests.

For the record: Mus 3.7 (and 3.6.2) crashes with this score when you start to play it. This is probably because there is also a hidden soprano system. If you make it visible, the playback will work. Even if you hide it again afterwards.

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It has to do with the (superfluous and duplicate) voltas

It crashes here:

      // Voltas might overlap (duplicate entries on multiple staves or "real" overlaps)
      // so we will pre-process them into cloned versions that handle those overlaps.
      // This assumes that spanners are ordered from first to last tick-wise
      for (const auto & spannerEntry : _score->spanner()) {
            if ((spannerEntry.second)->isVolta()) {
                  volta = toVolta(spannerEntry.second)->clone();
                  if (preProcessedVoltas.empty()) { // First entry
                  else { // Compare
                        std::list<Volta *> voltasToMerge;
                        // List all overlapping voltas
                        while (   (!preProcessedVoltas.empty())
                               && (volta->startMeasure()->tick() <= preProcessedVoltas.back()->endMeasure()->tick())


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Strange: in 3.x I can't place a volta on the second or third stave, as andrewtpepper has managed to do. It moves to the invisible soprano stave and is therefore not visible in the score.

Edit: In this case, I have to avoid hiding the top stave. Moving it to the second position and then hiding it is no problem.

I assume you started with an upbeat that is the length of a quarter note. And then you inserted three more measures before this measure. This is not an error.
Open the measure properties and set the current value to 4/4 instead of 1/4.

If my guess is wrong: attach the score.

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