Key signature issues when changing percussion instruments

• Apr 1, 2024 - 16:54

Hi! In a percussion ensemble I'm working on, I make the suspended cymbal player switch to vibraphone (otherwise he would be playing cymbal rolls the whole time lol). My piece is in the key of F, with one flat, but every time I try to apply the key signature to the vibraphone, it doesn't show up anywhere on the part, even though the B flat loses the accidental. Am I stuck manually making all the B's flat? Musescore really needs to revamp percussion...

P.S. I can't have the player start on vibes because suspended cymbal is one of the two parts playing at measure 1.

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Can't promise this'll work, but it's worth a try: set the staff to be Vibraphone originally. Change it in the first measure to be the Suspended Cymbals, then change it back at the appropriate place to the Vibe. It looks like the pitched percussion are set up with a different "Style Group" than unpitched percussion and I'm guessing (emphasis there!) that you can't apply a key signature to an unpitched percussion staff.

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