Making the final score line short

• Apr 3, 2024 - 01:30

I want to make the final line of my Page View score short (rather than stretch the two measures to fill the page width) but I can't find anything pertinent in the online handbook. I'm probably not searching for the right terms, but I've tried everything that seems relevant to me. I've tried all kinds of combinations of "length," "margin," "score," "line," and "measures."
Perhaps this informtion could be made easier to find?


To get what you are asking for append a horizontal frame and adjust its width.

But it might look neater if you even out the distribution of measures between systems by adding system breaks earlier in the score. Then you could have a full width last system with more but less stretched measures.

See for more advice on how to adjust a score's layout including the use of frames.

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Thanks, Steve. I'm already adjusting the layout earlier in the piece by forcing breaks, but the last line really should have just 2 measures (a short coda). I'll take a look at the frames stuff, though, since it will probably be useful elsewhere.

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A problem that I see is how hard it is to find where to make such adjustments, and I do know how hard it is to keep documentation up to date and complete on a moving software target
In this case you pointed me to something that addressed my specific problem but that I had not been able to find by admittedly clueless searches in the documentation. Unfortunately, the pertinent parameter, "Last system fill threshold," is not found where it says to look for it, "Format→Style→Score." There are a million places to look, of course. By trial and error I was able to find it under Format→Style→Page, so I now know where to look for it, but I imagine others may run into the same problem.
If someone has the time to correct that one word at: "…" that might help the next MuseScore neophyte. If someone has even more time to sprinkle a reference to the Adjusting_the_width_of_the_final_system paragraph in the various places that searches for "line length" and "last system," etc. will find, that might help even more MuseScore beginners.
I apologize for not having the time myself to volunteer to study the MuseScore software and fix the bugs I find.
And lastly, thanks to all the people working on this cool piece of software.

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