MuseScore 4's Font menu navigation regression: Keystrokes not working properly

• Apr 3, 2024 - 17:13

MuseScore 4 ignores well established Font menu behaviors, such as those found in:

     • in MuseScore 3's Text panel>Font menu
     • in MuseScore 3's Mixer>Sound menu
     • in Apple Pages app ...

The net result is a large waste of time because efficient menu navigate is nearly impossible. Seems like a small issue, but when one needs to change the font of several text objects—ones that can't be selected simultaneously—these menu issues/oversights become painfully tedious indeed.

Presently there are at least three font menu issues in MuseScore 4

1) Once a Text panel>Font menu is open, pressing a letter key should jump to the first font starting with that letter:

     a) this does not happen in MuseScore4's Text panel>Font menu

     b) each keystroke goes to the score, where it can inadvertently change the letter name of the selected note—for instance if the letter is A, B, C, D, E, F, G, possibly other keys as well. This happens when the selection contains a note and a text object simultaneously.

2) Page Down and Page Up should jump an amount equal to the height of the displayed menu:

     a) Page Down instantly jumps to the top of the menu, or does so on the second press

     b) Page Up scrolls downward through the font menu items, opposite to normal convention

3) Down and Up cursor keys in the Text panel>Font menu:

    • The Down arrow works properly when held (i.e while stillDown).

    • Pressing and holding the Up arrow works for a bit ... but eventually invokes a jump to the top of the list.

These keystrokes work normally in MuseScore 3 on MacOS ... so the errant menu behaviors are MuseSccore 4 regressions.

Can someone confirm on Windows? And on MacOS?



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