Instrument Note bending and play back for 4.2.1

• Apr 6, 2024 - 09:05

Hi, I note that in Musescore 4.2.1 there is a very comprehensive section on note bending and playback - but it appears it is only applicable for guitars. Is this so or am I missing something? In my compositions and rearrangements I do a lot of note bending on other instruments, especially saxophones, - I doubt that there are many sax players who do not almost always bend their notes - it makes the sax so much about what it is - but also violin, cello, trumpet and even piano, organ, all of which 3.6.2 facilitates.


Piano does not bend notes. A piano player can simulate the effect, usually by hitting two adjacent keys, but a piano cannot bend a note. I would assume the same is true for organ, but I don't know.

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A normal piano, of course does not bend notes, but the electric Yamaha DGX 650, with a tone very similary to a grand piano (or what ever piano tone to you select) a facility where on can bend notes - a separate lever on the left hand side of the key board where one can bend the note up or down. I had an hammond organ where something similar could be done. The point that I am making is the 3.6.2 has far more opportunity for note beding on almost all its instrument than just the guitar facility that V 4.2.1 has. I find this extrememly useful. Maybe later versions of V 4 will incorporate this. These apps are evolutionary - compare the first MuseScore to what we have now. They are truly amazing and alow the musician's potential to expoited ever farther - almost limitless. How l could I ever get a full band or orchestra in my study - that I have created?? Imaging what Mozart, Beethoven, even contemporary composers could have done and may still do!!!

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Jojo, Thanks for your attention. I'm not sure what you are trying to say. Every instrument (sound font) in MuseScore is a 'synthesizer' - by definition. If it makes the sound I want then that is just fine. To me MuseScores's grand piano (sound font) is so close to an original well tuned grand piano so I use it. Besides, I have never used the 3.6.2 bend facility on a piano stave nor would I want to, nor will I . It would be 'unnatural'. I am just pointing out that it is there, as it is for many instruments in 3.6.2 and for some instruments, for example, the saxophones, this turns out to be very useful.

Still no answer to my original question which is: Can the bend facility (write and playback) in 4.2.1 only be used for guitar or is there something I am missing?

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So I take it you are saying it is only for guitars in 4.2.1? For the saxophones note bending is very much a 'property of the instruments'. Ask any sax player. Sax players bend their notes all the time!!!! I regularly do this on all my sax scores. It adds so much realism - thanks to MuseScore..

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I don't think Jo-Jo or I made any comment on that part of the question. We were simply disagreeing with first, that pianos can bend, and second, that the piano sound played by MuseScore is a synthesized sound. It is instead "sampled". Very different, both technically and in sound.

As far as I can tell, MuseScore will not play the indicated bends on any instrument but the various kinds of guitars. You can place them in the score and a human-type person :-) can play them from that, but it looks like MuS won't do the playback.

Saxophones, trumpets, and clarinets can bend. Trombones and fiddles (two of my instruments) actually have to work hard NOT to bend notes. This would be a topic to put in a Feature Request for.

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