Keyboard hotkey to listen to the current note

• Apr 6, 2024 - 10:15


I am looking for the hotkey to listen to the note being edited.

I know I can use the mouse and click on the note to hear it.

But I would like to use the keyboard instead of the mouse to listen to the note currently being edited.

I am not looking for workarounds involving :
- starting a full playback
- editing the note to force hearing the sound
- moving away and back to the note I want to hear

Is there a hotkey? A single action using the keyboard ? I looked at preferences with no success.

This seems such a basic feature I must be missing something.

Thank you in advance


Edit / Preferences / Note Input tab. Enable (check) "Play notes when editing".

Using the keyboard to move from one note to the next, you'll hear each note as you select it. If you simply want to hear the currently selected note, the only way I've found is to move to an adjacent note and then move back. (If there's another way, please tell ME :-)

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