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• Apr 7, 2024 - 13:34

Dear friends,
How in MuseScore 4 can I add a staff to an existing score?
Thank you all for the awesome software and community!


Do you mean more instruments or more measures?
Instruments: press 'i' and add some more.
Measures: Choose 'Add -> Measures -> Append Measures ...'

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Thank you, Hilda, from the bottom of my heart. Today I am successful.
I wish I could do something to reciprocate the kindness of you--and Cadiz! My book, Living in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, has a chapter on artistic living. (Wipf and Stock Publishers, amazon, Is it inappropriate on this forum to mention something like this? After I "save" (send) this, I will seek out the good requirements for this forum that I read weeks ago. With profound respect, Your brother, Jeff

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> I wish I could do something ...
You can!
Call me HildeK in future - the 'K' stands for my first name and I'm male ...
But don't worry. It's my own fault for choosing a nickname like that, which occasionally leads to confusion ... :-)

Have fun with Musescore and the music!

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Thanks for this alert, HildeK.
Most of all, thank you for your encouragement to have fun with Musescore and the music. I have a great need in my life for more fun/lightness/play/good cheer/joy/beauty. I think that this project of transcribing what I hear has been handed to me partly for this purpose. My new motto is what I use as the title for this song: A Merry Heart Does Good Like a Medicine. You (and cadiz1) are contributing to a life as well as to a project to bring to others an example of the charm of intellectual art.
All good to you, HildeK!

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