Portamento effect on solo strings are still a problem and why haven't alternatives appeared

• Apr 9, 2024 - 20:57

So this is a topic that's come up before and since I'm trying to write a string quartet piece, I would like to know the quickest way to get through to the folks at Musesounds (I know there's a github forum, but it's confusing for a computer amateur to even find his way on there, so.....) - basically what it comes down to is the fact that those portamento slides are - to quote one of the Musescore people the last time this was brought up - "baked into" the pre-recorded sounds, and there was apparently "no intent" to change it. Here's my objection : I don't intend for it to sound like a frikkin' hoedown. String orchestra sound will not suffice, and if this doesn't get fixed I guess I'll have to invest in a more expensive program and learn a whole new platform. Frikkin' annoying, to say the least.


I had thought that was only in the "Violin 1" sound and that "Violin 2" didn't have such awful portamento? That, at any rate, is one of the suggestions I have seen repeatedly in the forum discussions on this topic.

I'm with you on this. In my experience this is only on the Violin 1 (solo violin) Musesound. I am so frustrated with this that I have tried a work around. I place hidden Louré (tenuto staccato) above either the offending note or the preceding note. Sometimes I do this throughout the piece. The only downside is that this does compromise the articulation of slurs but it is better that the wild "noise" which you kindly refer to as "portamento"!

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