First page is missing

• Apr 10, 2024 - 04:03

First page is missing when coverting from PDF to mscz


What has that got to do with Transnalaion (of the Software, the website and the handbook)?
Anyway: no, it is not missing, just has no notes. No idea why, but asking that is not going to help here on

At least it could be misunderstood as a translation from PDF to Musescore ... :-)

Since I was interested, I converted ('translated') the PDF in my local Audiveris. Attached is the result, it was a bit tricky because of the changing clefs in the cello. And I'm not that familiar with these alto clefs.

The chords, the hairpins and the lyrics were not changed. You'll have to do some more work on that and of course check everything.
I did it with MuS 3.x and saved it.

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All-I'll-Ever-Be-originalkeyF.mscz 29.58 KB

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