Corrupted File

• Apr 10, 2024 - 20:08

Hi there,

I spent several hours working on an arrangement which I have attached below. When attempting to open it now it displays a text stating that it has been corrupted but giving me the option to open it anyway. a new window appears but the score itself is absent. Can this be resolved?

Thanks, Bailey

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I've Lost My Latin Basket.mscz 218.33 KB


Are you using Windows? There are possibly backup files so don’t start a new file with the same name.

I use Linux. Something could be found in the hidden directory “.mscbackup”. The directory name starts with “.” Copy the file with the same name into the directory above (standard scores location). Rename the file without the starting “.” and ending ~, and with a very different name, such as Latin. So the final name is “Latin.mscz” Now try and open that in MuseScore

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