Parts stop playing in random sports

• Apr 11, 2024 - 23:56

music stops playback at measure 35, on the 16th note after the 16th rest, and only drumline keeps playing but all winds stop. i have had this issue before in other parts in the same score were some winds also stop playing and others continue to play, but this is really startingh to annoy me.

please someone help me fix this

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Plays normally for me, all the way through.

I do occasionally see scores that stop playing. In my experience, they invariably play correctly on a subsequent time through. so likely my problem isn't what you are experiencing.

Possibly a sound card problem? Try adjusting the settings and see whether they make any difference. Unlikely, I suspect, but trying something is better than just fuming. :-)

Good luck!!!

Plays OK for me, too. This kind of thing might be caused by something in your system. Or maybe something in your score. I once saw a score where in measure 80 the tuba hit a quarter note and held it all the way to the end of the score. Some 50 measures later. Turns out that in measure 20, there was a PIZZ marking for the tuba. It had no effect on how the tuba played. Removing the PIZZ marking made the tuba part play properly. I don't see anything like that in your score. You might consider not using your particular repeat structure. As it is, the only repeated part is 11 measures. Just write it all out. Two things might happen. Your players won't have to make such a long jump to the second ending. It would be interesting to see if that also takes care of the play back problem. You never know.

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