• Apr 15, 2024 - 18:26

Hello I am new to MuseScore. I have successfully uploaded a score for classical guitar. It is my intention to visualize it Tab format as my music notation reading is not brilliant and so I can be certain I am playing the right notes.

I found that when copying and pasting the the notation from the stave to the tab, some of the notes displayed are completely wrong.

I am looking for any suggestions to solve this problem.

Many thanks.


What exactly do you mean by "some of the notes displayed are completely wrong" ? How does it manifest itself? Please provide us with an image (or better still, the .mscz file itself) so that we can understand and help you.

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Some notes seem or are completely wrong, because it's a pdf conversion! It's a technology that remains imperfect (at best), and with sometimes very disappointing results, as is the case here.
The usual advice is to say that it's better to enter the score yourself with MuseScore.
Is the pdf really a guitar score?

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Okay, I know and own this book. Apparently, you scanned the "Vuelvo al sur" piece. If your intention was, I assume, to get the Tablature version via the pdf conversion, unfortunately, that's going to require considerable editing and proofreading.
The piece is only one page long, and relatively simple to enter (perhaps not for a complete beginner with MuseScore, but for someone with the minimum basics, it's fine) Good luck :)

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