Marimba rolls wont playback how they are supposed to in real life.

• Apr 20, 2024 - 01:21

Currently, the playback of marimba rolls in MuseScore (version 4.2) is incorrect, except for when it's a single note. I've been using MuseScore 3.2 for about five years and I've recently upgraded to version 4. However, the issue I was hoping would be fixed in the new version persists. If you are wondering how they are supposed to sound, file:///C:/Users/surber_907476/Downloads/New%20Recording%20280%20copy.m4a is a link that should let you listen to the audio, I can't attach m4a or mp3 here so I had to link it. Anyways it includes the music on the example Musescore file. essentially instead of playing 2, 3, or 4 notes at the same time at 16th note speeds, you play half of the notes with one hand and the other half with your other hand about as fast as you to go usually just not slow, but it's technically half of whatever the tremolo marking is. so 16th tremolo would be at 8th note speeds. I've seen other posts around here with the same issue but as far as I'm aware nothing has been implemented yet. I understand that it may seem trivial, but as someone who has been composing music on marimba using Musescore for a long time, it's frustrating when I press the play button and everything sounds fine except for the roll section of a song or even just a measure of rolls, which throws me off. I have to remind myself that it will sound right when I play it in person. I think a good way to implement a feature that fixes this is to put it somewhere in the inspector/properties tab of a Tremelo. It should say like "split roll in playback" or something. There's something already in the properties tab of Tremelos that I don't know the function of, but I can't use them, as they are always greyed out. If I'm just being stupid and there is something that does what I'm describing, and that isn't jerry-rigging it to work, or making the roll look different on the score, then post it in this form please :D

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hello :>
I wasted 5 minutes writing this comment but oh well...


  • If you're using MuseScore4, then you might as well change the sound font into the realistic one MuseScore made [ image 1 ].
    • If you can't see this, enable this setting by entering the three dots the top right corner of the window, then go to View and enable Sound [ image 4 ].
    • If coupled with another tab... find the three dots in [ image 5 ] the tab and do the same as the point above.
  • If you don't have Muse Hub [ image 2 ] to download these realistic soundfonts then download Muse Hub [ image 3, ].

i dont even know what it sounds like but hopefully this works

okey :>

i think i figured it out...
if it sounds off it may be that i can only understand about three fourths out of your explanation lol
just reply back if it sounds off and elaborate more on what i can fix :>

it's still a tremolo

  • it just looks different
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