Sound during Note input

• Apr 22, 2024 - 19:53

How can this be turned off and maybe still have play sound? Thanks.


It's not a wise thing to do. Having it on means that you'll catch incorrect notes as you are entering them MUCH more often.

That said, Edit / Preferences / Note input and uncheck any/all of "Play notes when editing", "Play chord when editing", and "Play chord symbol when editing"


You are not alone wishing for turning off "Sound during Note input"

On this topic:

• The issue was recently discussed here on .org
• That recent discussion reactivated a post from a few years back
• The feature was recently implemented in a Pull Request (PR) build of MuseScore Evolution 3.7.. But I don't know if the feature is part of the latest build, or just in the artifact of PR request. Maybe Jojo can chime in.
a formal MuseScore 4 Github request was posted a was assigned just a couple hours ago to developers.

The feature works fine on Windows. But for MacOS users there are two issues:

1) MuseScore Evolution 3.7. Installation is challenging due to a lack of notarization and MacOS security quarantine.

2) Once installed there's an issue with MacOS sound devices, leaving MuseScore unable to play sound—but please note, the latter issue occurred independently long before the addition of this feature.

I don't know if it's smooth sailing on Linux.


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