Interface disturbed

• Apr 23, 2024 - 13:09

Hi, everybody. Sometimes I want to use Musescore, normally when a group of people, students or singers are waiting for me and the trusted interface has disappeared. And an almost empty screen appears, with the document I wanted to open in a miniature format. The play panel has disappeared and whatever I tried and do: the normal interface I cannot get back. What IS it that happens here and for gods sake how do I get rid of it and return to the normal Musescore interface??? Help! I made a printscreen to show the problem.

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Looks like MuseScore is having trouble determining your display resolution - are you using a different display than usual? That was a known issue in older versions of MuseScore that should be fixed in current versions. But if you need to keep using older versions for whatever reason, there is usually a setting somewhere in your OS to control how the display is scaled. On Windows, you'd get there by right-click the EXE file for MuseScore and looking at the compatibility options.

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