how to open two scores at once

• May 1, 2024 - 03:06

i want to open two scores at once , but every time i try to do that i only manage to open a new score in a new WINDOW. i'd like to open two scores in the same window, so the top part has two scores which allows me to switch to and fro. thanks!

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Oh, my email notification said "Yes". :-)
(Sure, you corrected your first answer, that's totally fine!)

But then that's also a step backwards for using the program.

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It's similar to many other applications where it's not possible to open the same file two times. What you can do though is to make a copy of the file you want to work on and give it a new file name. Then you can open both. Just be careful which one you edit.

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I can also understand why: Two instances would both have the ability to write to the same file without the other being able to receive the update.
In MuS 3 with the split window, the file is actually only opened once and changes in one window will also appear directly in the other. Synchronous changes are not possible with two instances.

I could have figured that out myself ... :-)

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