multiple verses/lyrics on one line

• May 6, 2024 - 11:15

This feels like a newbie question.... I'm recreating a piece from an existing sheet and the lyrics/verses are notated like the attached image. I can't for my life find where/how to do this. I'm using Musescore 4.2

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Enter the second lyric line the same way as you entered the first.

After entering the first lyric line select the initial note again, CTRL-L, and a second lyric line will be created.

When you have finished verse 1, go to the beginning and use Ctrl+L again to enter lyrics. It will then automatically be written as verse 2. And so on for the next verses ...

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As an alternative to the single page version which is rather daunting looking there is also the complete contents page which, again, is searchable with the browser search facility

Or you can try searching using google in the form

Search text site:

where "Search text" should be replaced by whatever you are looking for, of course.

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