[Solved] How to de-clutter 32th group notes? It seems a truss :-/

• May 10, 2024 - 23:41

So the screenshot 1 represents what I want to obtain

The screenshot 2 is what I get ... how can I turn my cr**py staff into the one that's shown on screenshot 1, please?

EDIT: in attachment the file. I removed all the notes in the previous measures, leaving only the one related this post.


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But I tried the solutions you posted before to write my post. I wasn't able to do anything with that could do what I needed :-/

I have not clue how to manage that section to get what I want.

I added the score (as you requested), without anything I wrote in it, rather than THAT measure.

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You can modify the beaming using the beam properties palette. Especially those both items which is dark blue and on which my cursor is pointing. (Done in MuS 3)
As you have used a cross staff notation, you may need to hide the remaining pause in the lower system.

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It looks like you were selecting all the notes, then applying the palette--you need to select the note you want the break to appear before, then click the appropriate modification on the palette--one beam (thrid option, not counting "auto") before the fifth note, second option before the ninth, etc. Sounds tedious, but it goes fast.
Yes, and gray out that whole rest in the left hand. (which I didn't do).

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