Erratic Loop Player Behavior (BUG)

• May 14, 2024 - 17:18


I have transcribed a score in which, before playing the end, you have to make two complete turns and, in the third, replace the last 4 measures with the 4 that correspond to the end.
To do this, I have indicated the repetition and put the corresponding CODA indications so that, in the automatic playback it works as it should (two turns and in the third to CODA for the end).
However, when I try to play it with the loop player it works poorly (it repeats the first 4 bars in each lap and does not respect the CODA indication.
I think it is a fairly clear bug, I attach the project file and the diagnostic files so that you can verify what I say and the BUG is corrected.
Thank you very much in advance for your patience,


"However, when I try to play it with the loop player it works poorly (it repeats the first 4 bars in each lap and does not respect the CODA indication. I think it is a fairly clear bug."

"it repeats the first 4 bars in each lap" - agreed
"[it] does not respect the CODA indication" - agreed
"I think it is a fairly clear bug" - disagree

Think about it:
a) the Loop playback is designed to play the same measures repeatedly until stopped
b) but by using a To Coda instruction you are asking the Loop logic to jump elsewhere and to play different measures
c) if you play the piece without Loop playback, it performs in the correct sequence
d) if you play the piece with Loop playback selected only for measures 1-28, it performs correctly without repeating measures 1-4

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Dear Daniel,

Good morning. First of all, thank you very much for answering.
I wouldn't want to get into a sterile discussion about what is a BUG or what is not.
If it helps you, I will tell you that I have spent my entire professional life in the IT sector and more than 30 years of that in the development of management solutions, therefore you can assume that I have seen a bug before in my life.
But let's start from the function of the player. On the one hand we have the "normal" player that only plays what is written in the score once and, on the other hand, we have loop playback.
Conceptually it would be like in the old cassette players that if you pressed normal play it would play the content of the tape once, but you could also put it on a loop (not all players supported that function) with which the tape would play completely as many times as you wanted until you stopped the process.
As a user, I don't care how the Musescore code works to perform those functions. What is clear is that the normal player works correctly and the loop "does strange things" which at first glance indicates (the simplest hypothesis is the most probable) that it is a bug.
I particularly use the loop player for my practices, since I find it very useful to operate in this way, therefore it is a serious inconvenience to have a loop player that does not play in a loop.
Another issue would be that in the project there was something incorrectly indicated (that is why I am attaching the file) so that the loop player, when interpreting the instructions, followed a wrong instruction and had that behavior, but as far as I know everything is correct.
I have other applications that also allow loop playback and they work as expected.
On the other hand, in the Musescore user manual, it does not indicate that the loop player must have a specific operation.
I remain at your disposal for any clarification you may need.

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Are you using loop playback for the entire score? If so, then I can say that this works correctly in MuS 3. All repeats and therefore also 'D.C. al Coda' and 'To Coda' are played correctly and then the whole score is restarted, just like any manual start.
So it is a bug in MuS 4 and a regression from MuS 3!

Write a bug report in Github!

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