Moving Rhythmic Position of notes

• May 20, 2024 - 11:46

I recently scanned a score, which is a great option. What I miss are options to correct the errors which are mostly related to the Rhythmic Position. After the scan some notes are not on position, extra rests are added, This seems really impossible to correct. I can delete a rest (ctrl + delete) but that doesn't bring the rescue I hope to get. I found a video to demonstrate what I was looking for. Here you can select a note and drag it or move it by pressing alt + arrow (1 minute 22 seconds in the video).

On a minor level I found that the score that was created based on the pdf had a tempo set at 120 BPM, the tempo didn't seem to be adjustable and was grayed out. I selected the score and copied the whole to a new score where I was able to adjust the BPM.

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The built in PDF reader does not always do the best job. And in this case you'll spend more time trying to fix this than if you had just entered the notes by hand. The parent software of the MuseScore version (Audiveris) is better but hard to use. I processed your PDF with different software and posted the result. Not all fixed but at least better to work with.

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