Can't Manipulate Guitar Bends

• May 20, 2024 - 19:27

I've been working on full band sheet music for a while and I started working on a song which has some bends in the solo. When I try to edit bends I cannot move the bends or customize them in the properties panel. Is this a bug/issue since the recent update or am I simply not doing something right? Any help is appreciated.


This has been covered several times over the past two or three months, so dig through the forums a little bit. My recollection is that bends only work with the MuseSounds guitars, not with the built-in "MS Basic" guitar. There are four types of bends in the guitar palette. One of them has no playback effect. Experiment with the four of them to see how they work. I remember that the "Full bend" is the most useful.

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