Score size mu4.3 win11

• May 23, 2024 - 03:48

I5 16 gig win 11

Just started using windows again after working with linux for past few years. Have not worked with win 11 before.

Open new score and setup went fine as usual. All seemed well. Was just doing a test score to check printing. When I finished and opened score it was about the size of four postage stamps.

Have never had a problem with size of score. Am I missing something in mu4.3 and win 11 that I am not setting. The rest of the screen, menus, pallettes, etc. were all fine. The program seemed to function fine. I added a note in each measure (though, I really can barely see them) and pressed play and they sound.

What is going on with this? Any thoughts?


Check the zoom level settings in Edit -> Preferences -> Canvas.
100% should be a good value.
Also look at the bottom right edge. You can change the current zoom level there.

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Thank you!!
That does sound promising. Do not, though, know why zoom percentage would be so small when I just opened the program for the first time and started the first score. Sounds rather unusual. Have never had anything like that in all the first times with (now) many versions of the program. (never use zoom so never thought of checking)
Will let you know later what result I have. Thanks again

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I believe I tried everything I could find to change. No luck. But, would not changing the scaling affect all of the parts of the screen? Menus, pallettes, text, etc. on the mscore window? Nothing else is apparently effected. Just in the score window, only! The score outline is just slightly larger than 4 postage stamps.

I will look at my system again when I get up and running later today. Let you know if I find something that might change things. there nothing else in MS that would just change score window scaling?

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Jojo, is that true?
The scaling only affects the note, staff and text size of a score. Never the menu items. And not the page size either. In other words, a change in scaling results in more or fewer staves, notes etc. on a page, i.e. in a larger or smaller overall display of all page contents.

Try the following: Go to the menu "Format -> Page settings ... " menu and press "Reset all page settings to default". You should get your normal paper size (here in Germany A4) and the scaling value (staff) of about 1.75mm or 0.69in.

Another option: Use "Help -> Revert to factory settings".

If nothing helps: take a screenshot of a newly created score from your complete Musescore window and show it to us.

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> as it would affect menus, palettes etc.
... and all other applications and icons on the computer screen.
Since it seems to be a problem with Musescore only, it is probably not due to the computer's system settings.

@R.L.F. call me HildeK. I am not Hilde! It's just a nick name.

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Sorry for my clumsy typing skills with on screen keyboard. I usually check to make sure things are readable. I did not with your name.

I agree with this comment. Why I was not too keen with the other suggestion! I have checked your thoughts, now. Scaling in format page settings was 0.69 as I thought. Zoom setting in edit preferences etc. was 100 %, as I imagined it would be. Thanks to your thought to work with zoom at lower right I was able to get it to a readable/workable size. 400 %!!! Not what I consider a necessary size just to work with the program!

I have not had much luck with scaling and mu 4.x. This is the second different type computer system, two different operating systems, 4 different versions of program! All have not been readable one way or another.

At least with your help I am able to read the score window. Part of the problem may be my generic monitor. I will keep checking there, but it should not have just chosen the score window to make suuuuper small. Oh well.

Back to trying to work. Thanks again for you thoughts and suggestions with this issue.

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> Zoom setting in edit preferences etc. was 100 %, as I imagined it would be.
If you need to correct the zoom setting in the lower right for every score then consider to set the default value in edit -> preferences to this higher value.
Zooming is also possible with Ctrl+Mousewheel. This modifies the value that you can see in the lower right border.

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I assume this will be true everytime I shut down.(it is in chromebook/linux) Marc, kindly provided a qt scale factor app I run everytime I restart. I was thinking I might need to do the same here, so, glad you offered this option for a more permanent solution.

Hope this does not wake you upon arrival. :) thanks

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I set % in edit preferences as you suggested. I made a quick open of a file and look the the next day. The score was back again to the postage stamp size. Will have to try again. But, it did not work as expected.
Will let you know my next result.( might be a few days)
Thanks again for your help with this. I at least know I can change with zoom function on score page.

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