How to zoom little by little (using keyboard shortcuts)?

• May 24, 2024 - 05:45

I want to use the Ctrl + Plus/Minus key to zoom in and out my scores, however by default they zoom by a bunch of random factor I can't predict (15% to 25%, 100 to 150 and so on)).

Is there a setting to where I can zoom in and out in 1-100% increments manually instead of what the program determines?


The program has a setting in Preferences -> Canvas for the keyboard zoom precision and the mouse zoom precision.
If you increase the values there, the zoom steps are smaller. It can be selected separately for Ctrl+Plus/Minus and Ctrl+Mouse wheel.
Values between 1 and 16 are possible in MuS3, with 16 causing the smallest zoom change.
It should be similar in MuS4.

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