Note Anchored Line

• May 25, 2024 - 18:38

Does anyone else think it'd be nice if the Note Anchored Nine didn't run into the middle of the note head by default, but ended on the edge of the note head, or a little before? I think it looks a bit messy, especially with minims/half notes.

Also, could it be good to have the dotted line as the default? I find it to be much more common than the solid.

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I wasn't sure if note anchored lines could be added to a palette and i'm not at my PC to check.

As I said, dotted lines may be common to you. But I have only ever needed solid lines. I don't recall any other requests for a change of default to dotted/dashed. So, for a change of default I suggest more evidence of the frequency of use would be needed.

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