Unable to run self-built MuseScore

• May 25, 2024 - 21:16

Hey folks! I was trying to build & run MuseScore from source (current state of the master branch, commit hash is 77c1c94310b60f9f7698d74fd6106037dd81deae), and while the build process completed successfully, when I try to run it using ./build.cmake run it gives me the following error:

-- Including personal build overrides
QMake version 3.1
Using Qt version 6.2.4 in /home/test/Qt/6.2.4/gcc_64/lib
-- QT_LOCATION: /home/test/Qt
-- QT_VERSION: 6.2.4
-- QT_COMPILER: gcc_64
-- SOURCE_PATH:       /home/test/MuseScore4
-- BUILD_PATH:        /home/test/MuseScore4/builds/Linux-Qt6.2.4-gcc_64-Make-RelWithDebInfo
-- INSTALL_PATH:      /home/test/MuseScore4/builds/Linux-Qt6.2.4-gcc_64-Make-RelWithDebInfo/install
-- MSCORE_EXECUTABLE: /home/test/MuseScore4/builds/Linux-Qt6.2.4-gcc_64-Make-RelWithDebInfo/install/bin/mscore
-- CPUS: 8
-- GENERATOR: Unix Makefiles
-- BUILD_TYPE: RelWithDebInfo

~~~~ Actualizing Run step ~~~~

qt.qml.typeregistration: Invalid QML element name "IconCode"; value type names should begin with a lowercase letter
CMake Error at build.cmake:293 (message):
  Run step failed with status Subprocess aborted.  See output above for

I'm compiling with CMake, GCC, and installed Qt 6.2.4 and all other dependencies as described on the GitHub pages. For building I just ran the command ./build.cmake. My system is Ubuntu Studio 22.04.4 LTS.

Running the prebuilt AppImage versions of MuseScore works without any problems.

Would be grateful for any help.


Well I don't know anything building MS but the error message seems to relate to Invalid QML element name "IconCode" which apparently needs to start with a lowercase letter.

Given the small amount of useful error messages in the given output, I'm afraid I can't really say anything useful about this problem. If you could run the executable mentioned at MSCORE_EXECUTABLE in a debugger, and obtain a stack trace for the crash, that would be very useful.
Also, even just running this executable directly (instead of via the cmake script) might result in more informative output.

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Thank you all for your response! It was my own fault: after ./build.cmake clean the compilation process works very well as expected. With ./build.cmake run the error message (Invalid QML element name "IconCode") came up. But then, I executed the Musescore execution file direct as you proposed, and it works as expected. Thank you!!!

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