How to change metronome count from 4-4 to 2-2 time

• May 27, 2024 - 14:11

Hi everyone,
I am looking for a way to modify the metronome setting to show in Cut Time (2/2) instead of (4/4).

I created a project in 2/2 time signature and a tempo of 86, however, instead of having a half note = 86 the mixer is showing a quarter note = 86.

How can I make this change?

Help needed.


I'm confused. I don't see any tempo indication in the Mixer. I see it in several other places, but not the Mixer. Ahh, it always helps to look at the attached screenshot. That place is not called the "Mixer", but the "Play Panel". The Mixer appears when you click the Mixer button at top center. It shows an image of a stereo mixer that controls the same aspects of playback that such a physical device does.

As far as I can tell, the Play Panel always shows the tempo in [quarter note] = whatever. If the Tempo in the score is [half note] = 86, the Play Panel will show [quarter note] = 172. And this value does not change until the score is actually played.

The display in the Play Panel is a little confusing. It actually shows the tempo in quarter notes. This was also the case in older versions of Musescore. Here a picture from MuS 3:
If you have a 2/2 time signature, it should show double the tempo, i.e. 172 beats of quarter notes.
It is better to simply set the correct tempo sign from the tempo palette to the first measure and change the default number 80 in your example to 86.

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