Double notes (vocab=?)

• May 29, 2024 - 01:31

How the heck do you construct those (????) notes [no idea what they're called]. Please refer to the PDF red circle (4th measure).

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There's two things going on here.

1) Small notes like this are referred to as "cue notes". There's a checkbox for this at the top of the Properties tab (upper left)
2) The notes with different rhythm are produced with what MuseScore (and all other notation software I've seen) calls "Voices".

You can have cue notes without voices and voices without setting them to be cue sized. This specific use case is for lyrics that have different rhythms for different verses. There are many others.

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But you have already seen that several other measures are to long (indicated by a small grey plus), so some notes are offset in time and need to be corrected, and also that the voltas still need to be specified in case of the text and, more important, in case of the repeat list.
I assume you imported this from the PDF, as such mistakes often happen. Nevertheless, the import worked quite well in this case.

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