Subi una partitura a iCloud Drive y ahora aparece en blanco, no se puede abrir

• May 31, 2024 - 01:47

Estuve escribiendo una partitura en Musescore 4, al terminar la subí a iCloud Drive pero al intentar abrirla aparece un documento en blanco, cuando abro los metadatos dice que es un archivo comprimido. He intentado abrirlo con Musescore 3 pero aparece de la misma forma.


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I uploaded a score to iCloud Drive and now it appears blank, it can't be opened.
I was writing a score in Musescore 4, when I finished I uploaded it to iCloud Drive but when I try to open it a blank document appears, when I open the metadata it says it is a compressed file. I tried to open it with Musescore 3 but it appears the same way.

Your .mscz file is indeed a compressed file, which contains a file with a suffix of .mscx - the equivalent uncompressed file.

Although this .mscx score seems to be a valid MuseScore file, unfortunately there is no musical content in the file. No staves, no notes, no title, nothing.

Lo siento, pero su archivo está vacío y no contiene información musical.

Sorry, but your file is empty and contains no music data. There is the basic setup for a file but no actual page, staves, notes or anything else. This looks like a MuseScore issue rather than an OS or file saving problem.

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