Violins can't play fast anymore

• Jun 6, 2024 - 20:03

I've noticed that in recent updates of musescore, the violins now slur every fast note. Before, they could play decently fast notes, although they usually couldn't play fast triplets without completely missing the timing. Luckily, I exported an mp3 from before they stopped being able to play normal fast stuff, so I can compare it with how it sounds now. The pdf is the sheet music for the older one, and all I've done recently is just add 2 measures. If you want to compare the mp3 files, go here:

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Try using Violins 2 for the 1st Violin part - you can change the sound in the Mixer. In Muse Sounds the designations "Violins 1" and "Violins 2" do not refer to the desk of the performers, but to the playing style of that Muse Sound. And many users have commented that "Violins 1" as a style is too swooping, too sloppy, and quite unsuitable for fast passages.

In the attached sample I show:
a) your original Violins 1 sound and Violins 2 sound (in staves 1 and 2 - muted)
b) two instances of the Violins 2 sound (in staves 3 and 4 - playing)
To my ear, the "Violins 2" sound is much cleaner and better suited to fast string passages.

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