Creating a free-rhythm line in anotherwise metered score

• Jun 7, 2024 - 15:54

I have composed a choral Requiem that underscores/supports a verse of Javanese sung poetry (macapat). How can I have the one solo vocal line insribed without any fixed meter, just basically marking the pitches for the conductor, and showing the timing for the Javanese singer, that doesn't require the strict timing of the assumptions of the choral section. The interaction of the two senses of musical time is at the core of the piece. Can I get rid of the bar lines altogether on that line and just use note heads to show (relative) pitch somehow?


Right click staff -> Staff / Part properties -> Advanced style properties
untick Show barlines, Show Time signatures
tick Stemless

I realize that in this forum we're supposed to address methods, and not content, but I'd really like to hear this piece. It sounds lovely!

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As long as were on the topic of subforums:
I would assume that "Made with MuseScore" would contain, well, posts by people wanting to show off or share scores, but who don't want to be bothered with And there is a little of that, but mainly it's people complaining about, along with some "how-to" queries--about half and half.
Similarly, I would think most how-to queries would be posted under "Support and Bug Reports" ("ask for help and report bugs . . ."), but, in reality, almost all how-to's (including my own) are posted under "General Discussion," with "Support . . ." exclusively used for bugs and technical problems. It's a free country/world/website, so no way to regulate it, but it does make things easy to miss.

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For a while I was adding a note to that effect to obviously inappropriate posts in that subforum (and a couple of others), but it didn't seem like it was having any effect, so I just gave up after a while.

It'd be nice if someone could move posts like that, but that would be full-time job *LOL*

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