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• Jun 9, 2024 - 09:09

Good morning everyone, I would like to propose restoring the synthesizer menu with the tuning variation on MS4 to create scores with a tuning other than 440 Hz.
Thank you


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On the basis of more or less 4 cents per Hz, depending on the number of digits after the decimal point... I edited my previous message, I had calculated it for 430Hz instead of 432, my bad, ie - 40, or 39.25.
So for 430.5: subtract around 42 cents.

EDIT: If you want to check by ear, create a score with the V3 and the pitch chosen in the Synthesizer, and compare the result with that of the V4 and the pitch change with the cents. And you can fine-tune things if necessary.
But within a few cents, I'm not sure the ear will hear the difference, at least immediately! 😁

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