Change the Chord to 3 notes instead of 5 notes

• Jun 13, 2024 - 11:42

I have chords in my note sheet , but they are interpreted as 5 notes instead of 3 as I want.
For example the G Chord is played G, G ,D, G, B and I want it to play - > root G+B+C
Where do i change that config? Want it to be changed for all the G chord in the note sheet.
couldn't find it anywhere


In the Tool bar, select Style. Scroll down to Chord symbols. In the Playback section select the down arrow in voicing and select three note. I don't know what the inversion will be.

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That's the place. Look at the values available in the dropdown lists. I think that you'll be most interested in the Voicing list? Experiment with the different values in the three lists.

NOTE: It's fairly likely that you will find a "3-note" voicing not to sound very good: too "thin". Make at least a mental note of the current value so you can change it back if you decide to.

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