Left/Right Hand Ledgers

• Jun 15, 2024 - 21:44

I'm writing out an, already written, piece to leave out the extra parts that aren't needed for a pianist. The piece calls for a C#4 played with the right hand. The program will only allow me write it for the left hand and I cannot figure out how to correct this. Please help!

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On your keyboard, press "+", then "C". This will place a C# as close to the previous note in that voice as possible. If it is not the C# you want, press Ctrl+up- or down-arrow to move the note an octave up or down.

A word of advice for future questions. Screenshots are usually not helpful. Attach your score instead. If you need to attach a screenshot of a PDF or some non-MuS image, a little larger one with more context would be much more helpful.

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