How do You Get the Suspense Cymbal Sound?

• Jun 17, 2024 - 00:46

How do you get some really realistic orchestra sounds such as a suspense cymbal? Is a seperate soundfont or VST needed or is it built into MuseScore 4 and I just haven't found it yet? (I've looked all over the instruments tab and just haven't found it but I'm also not super observant)


You don't ... get "really realistic orchestra sounds". That's not really what MuseScore is about. It has decent sounds, they're not horrible. But it's not really intended to create realistic sound. It's intended to give a composer good enough sounds to tell what it's going to be like when they print the music and give it to a real live orchestra.

There's a great deal of argument on this topic here and I'm about to get reamed out about it by a handful of others, but that's really the situation.

Try using a "Crash Cymbal" and labeling it as a "Suspended Cymbal". They sound very similar.

However, I seem to recall seeing other threads on exactly this topic recently. Look through the last month or two of threads and you'll probably find a couple.

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