How to add a pickup measure to the score?

• Jun 17, 2024 - 02:23

Let's say I have a score with a three-fourths time signature, meaning it starts with a meter of three-fourths and continues like that until the end. How can I add an anacrusis (pickup measure) to such a score in MuseScore?


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While it doesn't say outright "create a new measure", it does strongly imply that you must have a specific, existing measure. The first instruction is "Right-click on the measure". An important, bold-faced note is "When there are notes in your intended pickup measure."

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Sorry, but the question was about adding a pickup measure. Not how to convert an existing measure. I see requests for this often. Some one is well into creating a score and then decides they want a pickup measure. The manual does not answer that question and needs to be amended. The bold-faced note does not apply. Nor does the note about shortening the last measure.

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