I can't open my file

• Jun 19, 2024 - 13:29

Yesterday I created a piece and I saved in the online option and when I tried to open it this morning, the program said it wasn't acceptable and it couldn't be opened. I didn't downloaded it either so I don't have the file in any form. Does anyone know how to solve this problem and how could it be avoided? Thank you so much


In general, always save your file locally (on your computer's hard drive). Once it is complete, save again locally and, only then, save it online to share.

You may be able to recover it from backup, but I don't know how/where to do that. Anybody else?

Here are some things that you could try:

  • Restart Musescore Studio.
  • Sign out and then sign in again in Musescore Studio.
  • Sign in to musescore.com and check if you can download a copy of your score from there.

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Thank you for the information. Open File Explorer and paste the following file path into the "address bar":

This folder contains your cloud scores. Try to find the one that fails to open by opening one at a time. Once you have located the score, copy it to a different directory and try to open it again.

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One last thing you could try is to look in the hidden .mscbackup folder in the same directory as above. First, you will need to enable File Explorer to show file name extensions and hidden items. In order to open a backup file, it is easiest to change the extension from .mscz~ to just .mscz.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you why this happened. As @TheHutch said, saving locally is the safer option. However, I myself make use of the cloud saving feature and have not experienced any issues with it. When you initially save your score to the cloud, I suppose it might be a good idea to check that the score appears on musescore.com.

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