When I try to join measures (using the toolbox) it squeezes all of my 20 odd measures into one line, making it utterly unreadable.

• Jun 21, 2024 - 01:05

I am transcribing a cadenza for the trumpet, it's about 20 bars long, and i have the main bulk of it done. I want it to be without bar lines, time signature, and not cadenza notation. But when I try methods like joining measures, or making the first bar 80 beats long, it just bunches everything up into the first line, which means if I already have it written out, it becomes unreadable, and even if I haven't done anything on the score yet on a new score, it just puts a bunch of rests into one line and squeezes the notes together the more that I put in.

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MuseScore always displays at least one measure on a system. It cannot do partial measures. So you have 20 bars of unmetered cadenza. Divide them into appropriate amounts to fit onto a single system roughly 3-6 of the original measures?) and split the cadenza at those points into separate measures.

Then make those bar lines invisible.

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