SoundFont instillation

• Oct 15, 2014 - 02:16

So I use musescore for recreational purposes but I downloaded the 2.0 beta cuz why not. I was very unhappy with the drum set sounds so I looked online for instruction as to how to put a soundfont onto my score. I have absolutely no computer skills except that I can, you know, move around file and stuff. Can someone please give me a blow-by-blow to getting a soundfont on my score with the starting point being this: I downloaded the hard rockers drumkit soundfont from It is on my computer under downloads now how do I put it in the synthesizer and onto my computer in musescore 2.0 beta? Help is much appreciated, thanks!


First move the file to your Soundfont folder (should be right next to your Scores folder). Then go to View / Synthesizer and press the Add button. Select your Soundfont. Click those dialogs, then go View / Mixer and select the one of the sounds from that soundfont for your drumset.

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