Edit Text Styles doesn't work for Fingering in 1.3

• Oct 16, 2014 - 01:02

Did a couple of searches for this and didn't turn up any results that looked relevant.

Problem: as soon as I create a new score, I do Style | Edit Text Style | Fingering and adjust the font smaller (from 8 to 6pt). Then I go down to Frame and adjust "round" down to 20 and "Margin" to -1.00mm. Then Apply and OK out. If I go back in, my changes are still there.

But this has no effect whatsoever in the actual score. When I choose a note and then double-click a circled or plain number from the Fingering palette, that item is pasted into the score at MuseScore's original default font size of 8, and if it's a circled number, the circle remains the original size as well.

I can right-click the Fingering number and edit its properties, thus reformatting each number individually, but that's a real pain. Is this a known bug in 1.3 which is solved by 2beta, or is there something I'm missing? (I know I'm not missing anything in the manual, though--searches for both "Fingering" and "Edit Text Style" yielded nothing relevant.)


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Thank you. This workaround did the job.

However, nobody answered my question about the Fingering bug in Edit Text Styles. Clearly the feature does not work in 1.3. Has the bug been fixed in 2 beta, or is it still there? If it's been fixed, then I'll seriously consider switching to 2 even though it's still in beta stage.

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